Describe your items well or they will not show up well

Click on upload pictures you will receive our uploader it will ask you to select a pic then you will have to upload it hit close and you are done.

Standard or dutch auction

How Many Items You can auction more items with dutch auction

how much for starting your auction

What is you least amount you will take for item

This is for exact price sale you ask 10 you get 10

This is to allow your customers a chance to buy now while you are auctioning

This section is for choosing when you want to start or end you item

Re list automatically up to 10 times

This section is for the price you will charge to ship your item, we only use flat rate it makes the shipping easier to use.

At this time Junk Hunters only offers papal as a means of payment be sure to be active to buy and sell at payments/profile

if you check this box you agree to ship international